Grow a mini salad gar­den

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–- A• shal­low con­tainer with drainage holes and a plate un­der­neath to catch the drips.

–- Seed rais­ing mix

–- Seeds

- A Spray bot­tle for wa­ter­ing

1 Fill a shal­low con­tainer with seed rais­ing mix 2 Water gen­tly then leave it to drain for a few min­utes 3 Sprin­kle seeds over top of the mix. 4 Place the tray in a warm, shel­tered spot with plenty of light. 5 Spray with water when the seed rais­ing mix starts to look a lit­tle dry, keep­ing it moist but not soak­ing wet. 6 Eat your mi­cro­greens when they are 3-5cm tall. Snip them with sharp scis­sors

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