Kids Go Gardening - - Summer -

Beans grow fast in sum­mer. Sow some bean seeds in lit­tle pots and de­sign an ex­per­i­ment: Once your seedlings are grow­ing strongly, try some with fer­tiliser and some with­out. You could try dif­fer­ent fer­tilis­ers, like Yates Thrive, worm tea. Or see what hap­pens if you use dif­fer­ent soils or pot­ting mixes. Com­pare the colour of the leaves and mea­sure the height ev­ery day as your bean plants grow. You could even make a height chart for each plant. What hap­pens if you grow beans in the shade?

Beans love warm soil! It’s time to sow beans once the soil reaches 16˚C, night and day. Scar­let run­ner beans have beau­ti­ful scar­let flow­ers. Most beans need bees for pol­li­na­tion, but run­ner beans can pol­li­nate them­selves.

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