Kiwi Gardener

were you right?


The answers from our The Cat’s Meow quiz, published in the November edition, are:

1. (b) Clowder

2. (a) Leonardo da Vinci

3. (b) Molly or a queen

4. (c) Charles Dickens

5. (a) Tom

6. (c) Sigmund Freud

7. (a) True

8. (c) Paws

9. (c) 500 million

10. (b) Ailurophil­ia

Congratula­tions to Michelle erikson (Ōtorohanga), susanne Chaney (Christchur­ch ), l. Cooke (Gisborne), Isabel Fraser (Dunedin) and lynaire abbott (Great Barrier Island), who each won a copy of Meow: A Book of Happiness for Cat Lovers (3rd ed), edited by Anouska Jones ($29.99, Exisle Publishing).

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