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My glasshouse has been a revelation for me. When my husband painstakin­gly built it up for me in March 2021, I never dreamed of it becoming such a happy and enjoyable project.

It has been so satisfying watching the changes over the seasons. This is my first spring/summer with my greenhouse and all the veges are 10 times bigger than last year!

I go in there daily, checking to see which cherry tomatoes have made a colour change overnight, which are like little pockets of sunshine, and how big my ‘Beefsteak’ tomatoes are getting. My first tomato seedling started growing back in autumn and it is now climbing out the window in the roof!

As for the courgette creeping out the door, it gifts me with a glut of fruit every day.

My self-seeded pumpkin has gone absolutely nuts. I wonder, now, whether or not I should have left it where it sprouted, as it is now taking over!

Cath Ericson, Christchur­ch

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