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Rather than using a wood stain, you could use Resene paint testpots to add a splash of colour to your basket.

step nine

Using the pilot holes as a guide, use the 19mm drill bit to create circular indents in both 370mm lengths. Be careful not to drill right through. When you’ve finished, check that the dowel fits in each indent.

step ten

Screw a 370mm length of timber onto each side panel at the centre of the base edge, with the indent facing inwards.

step eleven

Apply two coats of Resene Waterborne Woodsman penetratin­g oil stain to all the wooden pieces, allowing to dry between coats.

step twelve

Staple a 450mm length of timber to each of the 450mm-long edges of the plastic trellis mesh.

step thirteen

Screw the basket together as shown, making sure the indents and the mesh are both facing inwards.

step fourteen

Slot the dowel into place and secure with a screw on each end.

step fifteen

Add a few staples along the side panel edges to hold the plastic mesh in place.

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