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not Triple Happy

I don’t have much room for gardens at my house, let alone fruit trees, but I love fresh fruit. I decided to plant a space-saving triple-grafted plum, a triple-grafted apple and a triple-grafted nectarine to espalier along my fence.

I took up offers of ‘free freight’ and ‘three for the price of two’ from an online company and bought what I thought were strong-looking trees. They arrived well packaged and were about 2m high – I thought I had nabbed a bargain. I planted them with lots of sheep pellets and some fertiliser that came with them, spread them out along my wires and watered them regularly.

Sadly, two years on, they haven’t produced the fruit I expected. While the main graft on each tree does reasonably well, the second and third graft struggle to produce fruit. In fact, the third graft on two of the trees hasn’t produced any fruit and the grafted branches look more like twigs.

If I ever get the chance to plant fruit trees again, I won’t be choosing triplegraf­ted ones.

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