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Han­nah Fox Per­ma­nent Cos­metic En­hance­ments

Eye­brows are easy to un­der­es­ti­mate if you’re lucky enough to have them. But they are an es­sen­tial el­e­ment of the face, help­ing to de­fine fea­tures and ex­press emo­tion – just ask any­one

who has thin, fair or non-ex­is­tent brows.

There are many women (and some men) for whom draw­ing on brows is a daily task. Whether they have nat­u­rally fair brows, over­plucked their brows in the past, suf­fer from a med­i­cal con­di­tion such as alope­cia (hair loss) or have lost their eye­brows to chemo­ther­apy, ap­ply­ing brows is time­con­sum­ing and not al­ways easy. Add in a pas­sion for swim­ming or work­ing up a sweat at the gym and those painstak­ingly drawn brows can dis­solve

in an in­stant! For others, less-thanper­fect eye­sight or a tremor makes the job an im­pre­cise art.

Eye­brow tint­ing is an op­tion for some – those with fair brows can have them dark­ened, but this re­lies on hav­ing hair to tint. And even un­der the best con­di­tions, it needs re­peat­ing ev­ery few weeks.

Han­nah Fox, of Han­nah Fox Per­ma­nent Cos­metic En­hance­ments, of­fers an al­ter­na­tive that can last for one to two years be­tween touch-ups. In her Ash­bur­ton clinic, Han­nah trans­forms lives with in­cred­i­bly real and ex­pertly ap­plied cos­metic tat­too­ing. Her back­ground as a car­di­ol­ogy and emer­gency nurse en­sures clients can be con­fi­dent that they are in safe and ex­pe­ri­enced hands – in an un­reg­u­lated in­dus­try, this sets Han­nah apart. Like nurs­ing, the field of cos­metic tat­too­ing is al­ways evolv­ing and Han­nah stud­ies reg­u­larly to en­sure her ed­u­ca­tion

re­mains cur­rent: she is qual­i­fied in tat­too­ing brows, eye­liner and lips, with fur­ther ed­u­ca­tion in colour the­ory for cos­metic tat­too­ing.

The process can be com­pleted in one un­hur­ried ap­point­ment, usu­ally tak­ing about three hours, and one touch-up four to six weeks later. It be­gins with an in-depth de­sign pro­ce­dure where spe­cific mea­sur­ing points such as bone struc­ture and eye size are used to work out the per­fect ra­tio. Says Han­nah, ‘I spend a long time get­ting this right, some­times longer than the tat­too­ing process it­self, but for me it has to be per­fect.’ Colours are mixed to create the cor­rect shade – Han­nah’s ad­di­tional study in colour the­ory en­sures a thor­ough un­der­stand­ing of skin tone and how the same pig­ment will look dif­fer­ent on ev­ery per­son. Her ap­proach is con­ser­va­tive: ‘Less is best. You can al­ways make it bolder on the sec­ond ap­point­ment.’ After­care in­struc­tions and prod­uct are pro­vided and then there’s a touch-up ap­point­ment a few weeks later, when colour can be built up fur­ther, if re­quired.

When it comes to the pro­ce­dure it­self, there are two ap­proaches – mi­crob­lad­ing and pow­der (or om­bré) brows – and Han­nah is trained in both. Mi­crob­lad­ing uses a hand­held im­ple­ment that gen­tly etches tiny cuts to mimic the flow of nat­u­ral hair (feath­er­ing). It has be­come pop­u­lar in re­cent times and the re­sult can look su­perb, but Han­nah points out that it is not suit­able for all skin types. A pow­der brow, on the other hand, is per­formed with a tat­too ma­chine to air­brush pig­ment into the skin, grad­u­ally build­ing up colour, and has the ad­van­tages of work­ing on all skin types and be­ing gen­tler in gen­eral. Per­ma­nent eye­liner and lip tints adding a flush of colour and the il­lu­sion of a fuller lip can also be per­formed. The key, warns Han­nah, is not choos­ing a clin­i­cian who only per­forms mi­crob­lad­ing as this can mean be­ing steered in a di­rec­tion that is not suit­able.

The re­sult of get­ting it right is re­mark­able. Han­nah re­cently re­ceived a let­ter from a young woman with alope­cia who wrote, Hon­estly, I don’t think you re­alise how much you’ve changed my life. Whether it is elim­i­nat­ing a daily chore for busy women or help­ing some­one who has fought cancer feel whole again, Han­nah is con­stantly hum­bled by how cos­metic tat­too­ing changes lives. ‘I feel very blessed to do what I do.’

‘Your brows in­tro­duce you be­fore you speak.’

ABOVE / Com­bi­na­tion brows: a mix­ture of mi­crob­lad­ing at the front with a pow­der brow blended though the tails. Bot­tom is be­fore and top is af­ter treat­ment. TOP RIGHT / Lips be­fore and af­ter. BOT­TOM RIGHT / Close-up of eye­brow with mi­crob­lad­ing strokes.

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