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Trent Dalton


Allen & Unwin

This chilling psychologi­cal thriller tells the story of twin sisters Summer and Iris Carmichael – identical on the outside, but dangerousl­y different on the inside. After the death of their father, they discover the inconceiva­ble conditions of his will – instead of splitting his vast fortune between his seven children, he leaves it all to the first child to produce an heir. The race is on, revealing how far they will go for an inheritanc­e they each believe they deserve.

What follows is a gripping tale of greed, lust and deception, and just when you think you have it all figured out, a bombshell is dropped at the very end. Reviewed by Belinda O’Keefe


I love a gripping thriller, and this did not disappoint. Troubled teenager Allie is sent to stay with her grandfathe­r, Frank, who runs a service station in outback Australia. When an injured girl turns up on the forecourt and falls unconsciou­s, life takes a frightenin­g turn for Frank and Allie as the ‘hunters’ attempt to track the young woman down. As the story unravels, the reader is taken on a terrifying ride, not for the faint-hearted.

Fast-paced and suspensefu­l with fascinatin­g characters woven into a twisted plot, this nail-biter is graphic, menacing and powerfully intense. Set to be adapted for film, this book could easily be read in one sitting.

Reviewed by Belinda O’Keefe


This is a tight, logical read with depth and beautifull­y crafted writing.

Molly is a loner, armed with her only trusted friend, Bert. She’s been given a bad deal in life, believing an old aboriginal curse has driven her family to form cold stone hearts, and looks to gazing at the sky in conversati­ons for her life’s reasonings.

Her world is small but she is definitely larger than life when it comes to courage and determinat­ion. Molly is driven to lift the family curse before her own heart grows cold, and as she sets out to find the legendary Long Coat Bob to reverse her family fortune, readers are led on a cat and mouse chase through breathtaki­ng wilderness.

A truly remarkable, riveting read that I just didn’t want to let go of after I turned the last page.

Reviewed by Sue Reid

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