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The Winter Agent

Gareth Rubin



Set in the final days of WWII and based on a true story, this is an excellent example of what a great spy story is all about – full of twists and turns, deception, double agents and tension.

Marc Reece is a Naval officer working as an agent for Britain’s Special Operations Executive. At a meeting with printer and photograph­er Luc Carte the Germans burst in and arrest Luc. Marc knows Luc has informatio­n for him so the group plan a raid to free Luc en route to prison. The raid goes horribly wrong but Luc manages to tell Marc there is a Nazi agent in London employed by the Intelligen­ce services.

The race is on to find the traitor while also planning for the D-Day landings. Highly recommende­d. Reviewed by Norma Geddes

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