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The Swift and the Harrier Minette Walters Allen & Unwin


Set in Dorset, 1642, The Swift and the Harrier tells the story of Jayne Swift, a physician from a Royalist family. When the civil war breaks out, Jayne endeavours to treat the wounded from both sides of the conflict, and experience­s the barbarity and devastatio­n of war. As a woman in the medical profession, she faces discrimina­tion and danger, but her determinat­ion to save lives keeps her forging on.

As the war continues, Jayne attracts the attention of parliament­arian William Harrier, whose past is a mystery. They cross paths several times, and a friendship blossoms despite loyalties to opposing sides.

A smooth blend of fact and fiction, this book has a little bit of everything. If you’re a fan of sweeping historical fiction, you’ll love this novel.

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