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Tips to style those tresses back to the ‘hair and now’

We get it. The thought of re­pair­ing and styling your hair post-par­tum is up there with sit­ting next to your whing­ing un­cle at Christ­mas. But a bit of self-care by way of a great hair treat­ment or ex­per­i­ment­ing with a new style is a small yet im­por­tant step in spend­ing some time on ‘you’ in the weeks and months after your wee one en­ters the world and it’s (un­der­stand­ably) all about them. As you’ve prob­a­bly come to re­alise, hor­monal changes through preg­nancy and child­birth af­fect your scalp and hair. Dur­ing preg­nancy you may find you shed less hair than usual thanks to in­creased oe­stro­gen ‘freez­ing’ the hair stages, and what would nor­mally fall out stays put. Around three to six months after child­birth you’ll likely start to lose a lot of hair when you brush and wash it, and that’s a sign your oe­stro­gen lev­els are re­turn­ing to nor­mal.


This style is great for hair that is chin-length or longer. It’s low-fuss and will give you a youth­ful look. Take a small square-shaped sec­tion of hair from the top of your head and tie into a messy knot. Se­cure with a hair tie (and pins if your hair is longer).


A se­ri­ously great go-to for good rea­son: it’s easy, prac­ti­cal and adds height. Be­fore se­cur­ing your hair in the high top knot, put your head for­ward and spray root booster or dry sham­poo through your hair, be­cause this look is all about vol­ume. Pull down a few front pieces of hair to soften and frame your face.


This pretty look can be achieved eas­ily once you get the hang of a side braid. Check out a few Youtube tu­to­ri­als, or ask a friend to help you. Mas­ter­ing this tech­nique means that a chic look is only ever a few min­utes away.


Want to know the best short­cut to healthy-look­ing, styled hair? Con­sult with your hair­dresser about a new cut that works with your nat­u­ral hair tex­ture. Gone are the days of straight­en­ing your hair within an inch of its life, it’s about body, re­laxed colour and nat­u­ral curl – should you have it. A styled cut that is per­fect for you will save a ton of time and frus­tra­tion when it comes to leav­ing the house with good hair.

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