Safer bath­time WITH ECOSTORE

Bath­time is for fun and bond­ing – but safety is a pri­or­ity. ecostore’s plant and min­eral-based baby prod­ucts are safer for your lit­tle one’s skin

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New­born In­fants

In the first week af­ter birth, be­fore the dried stump of the um­bil­i­cal cord heals and falls off, we rec­om­mend giv­ing baby a sponge bath. Fill a con­tainer with warm wa­ter and a dash of ecostore baby body wash. Gen­tly place baby on a nest of warm tow­els and sponge down us­ing damp wash­cloth to clean. In win­ter, make sure baby is in a warm place, or con­sider giv­ing them a ‘top and tail’, wash­ing their face and neck first, fol­lowed by the gen­i­tal area. Be­fore baby can sit up on their own, use a bath cra­dle or wash baby in the sink or a baby bath­tub. Fill the tub with 2 – 3 inches of wa­ter, ide­ally 37 degrees C. Test wa­ter by dip­ping in your own wrist or el­bow. Use mild ecostore baby soap, spar­ingly, to pre­vent baby’s del­i­cate skin dry­ing out. You’ll need to hold baby at all times at this age. Make sure you get a good grip – un­der the arms is a good place to hold. Ba­bies are slippery when wet! Aim to get baby out be­fore wa­ter gets too cold. Be pre­pared with tow­els and pa­ja­mas laid out within arms’ reach. Make sure to dry baby care­fully be­tween all the lit­tle folds of skin to pre­vent rashes and ir­ri­ta­tion.


Tod­dlers need reg­u­lar baths as they get grubby at day­care and kindy. They love to protest about get­ting into the bath – and once in, refuse to get out! No tod­dler can re­sist the al­lure of ecostore bub­ble bath. Us­ing ecostore sleep­y­time bath is a great way to wind down as part of the bed­time rou­tine, sig­nal­ing the day is com­ing to an end. Tod­dlers will be able to sit up in the bath on their own but don’t leave them unat­tended for even a sec­ond. Fill the tub to the height of your tod­dler’s belly but­ton.

Time to bond

Noth­ing is more de­light­ful to a small child than mum or dad hop­ping in the bath with them. When baby is tiny, bath­time is a great op­por­tu­nity for skin-to-skin con­tact. Make sure an­other adult is on hand when it’s time to get out – or set up a nest of tow­els to lie baby down on while you towel dry.

No mat­ter your child’s age or stage, en­joy safer bath­time fun with ecostore

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