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Volunteers needed for new dementia group

- By Faye Philp - Volunteer Coordinato­r

Alzheimer’s Tauranga/WBOP needs volunteers in the Ōmokoroa-Waihī Beach area. Below is an idea of what we are trying to achieve and we look forward to hearing from people interested in exploring this more.

We help make life better for all people affected by dementia. This disease is a growing concern in our communitie­s and we are wanting to grow our dementia-friendly communitie­s.

We need people to commit to an action to help those affected by this disease and to live well. No action is too big or too small and someone's action is whatever is right for them.

One way of being part of our growing community is to become a Dementia Friend. Go to and join us.

As the surroundin­g area of Ōmokoroa to Katikati grows so does the need for organisati­ons such as ourselves to be there offering support in the community. We currently have support and social groups in Bethlehem and Katikati area, but nothing in-between.

We are wanting to start a group in Ōmokoroa, however, to do this we need help from those who would be willing to volunteer anything from once a week, fortnight, or month for three hours to help run a companion group. This is a group that provides social interactio­n and engaging activities for those living with dementia and some time out for those who are caring for someone with dementia.

You just need a sense of humour, some lateral thinking and a willingnes­s to chat and engage with people. Training and support are given when you join the Alzheimers volunteer team.

If anyone was interested in exploring this I can be contacted on 07 577 6344 ext 3 or 027 2701565.

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