Adib an in­ven­tor

Manawatu Guardian - - FRONT PAGE - By MERANIA KARAURIA

Adib Yaz­don­shenas’ par­ents knew there was some­thing ex­traor­di­nary about their son.

At 18 months Adib was able to read in English by match­ing words with the pic­tures.

Adib’s par­ents Pari­vash and Henry are from Iran and have lived in Palmer­ston North for 11 years. They say their son is highly in­tel­li­gent and learns quickly.

“We are hop­ing for as­sis­tance in ex­pert teach­ing to en­gage Adib in his learn­ing.”

Pari­vash said she taught Adib the Farsi al­pha­bet — Iran’s na­tive lan­guage — when he was two and then taught him 50 words in Farsi.

At two Adib started at play­group and Henry and Pari­vash no­ticed Adib’s mem­ory was very good.

When he was three, Pari­vash wrote sev­eral words on a board that Adib had never seen or heard be­fore, and asked him to read them aloud. She recorded the mo­ment, and it was at this time Adib was di­ag­nosed on the autis­tic spec­trum by his pae­di­a­tri­cian.

Adib con­tin­ued to as­tound his par­ents and when he was four he joined a sum­mer read­ing class at the li­brary.

He was also find­ing words in word searches for chil­dren aged four to 10.

When he was five Adib was en­rolled in school but re­quired a full-time teacher aid. For two years Pari­vash has home­schooled Adib, which she says is suc­cess­ful.

Henry, an elec­tri­cal en­gi­neer, said Adib looked at a small mo­tor but asked to look in­side to see how it worked.

“I want to look at it when it is turn­ing,” Adib told his fa­ther.

An in­ven­tion Adib built won first place in the Home and Coun­try Show at the Manawatu¯ Home Ed­u­ca­tion in 2017 and again this year. The in­ven­tion still holds his in­ter­est as he ex­plains how all the parts work.

Adib showed Henry how to slow the speed of a com­po­nent on the in­ven­tion by dis­tanc­ing it from the mag­net. Adib named the com­po­nent “mo­men­tar­ily switch”.

“He is al­ready sur­pass­ing my abil­i­ties,” says Henry. “The sad part is we can’t feed him enough, we get so ex­hausted. We need a troop to help us with his de­mands.” They are learn­ing from Adib as well.

“We are learn­ing to be pa­tient,” she said. “Adib is very kind and full of love.”

Adib Yaz­don­shenas is an avid reader.


Adib with one of his in­ven­tions. He likes to de­con­struct things to see how they work.

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