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Karen Iversen is on a Zero Waste journey.

She said the journey started a year ago and after attending a Palmy Plastic Pollution workshop she looked at their business, Smith and Sons Renovation­s and Extensions at how they could minimise their waste materials.

It was also at the PPP that Iversen met Siobhan Karaitiana who has been observing/monitoring the local streams over the past few years.

Karaitiana, who works on Hei Manga Oranga Project through Te Ao Turoa, the environmen­tal advisory office of Tanenuiara­ngi Manawatu¯ , has worked out that Te Kawau Stream that runs through Highbury collects the most rubbish.

She said the HMO Project was part of the Palmy Plastic Pollution Challenge which cleared 3000 pieces of rubbish from streams in Palmerston North.

The two women are now working together to clean Te Kawau Stream.

“We’re going to bring down our staff to sweep the stream and we’re asking the public if they would like to come down and give us a hand,” says Iversen.

Karaitiana will be managing the health and safety on the clean-up day, November 19.

Both women agreed that to be successful in these clean-up days requires buy-in from the community.

Meanwhile Iversen said Smith and Son’s waste will be relocating to larger premises on Armstrong St where they will be setting up waste minimisati­on and recycling stations for demolition materials.

“We will have free untreated timber and materials for the public to help themselves.

“We have also connected with Reclaimed Timber Traders who find creative ways to reuse treated timber.”

Iversen said waste minimisati­on in the constructi­on industry was a huge challenge but they were being creative in their approach.

She is putting out the challenge to other city businesses to join the waste minimisati­on movement.

“We would like to see cleaning Te Kawau Stream as a regular event, and we are also interested in helping with local native planting sessions too.

Iversen added there will be a sausage sizzle for those who come to help.

If you would like to help with Te Kawau Stream cleanup. Meet at the bridge on Highbury Ave near the Highbury shops at 8.30am, November 19.

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 ??  ?? Karen Iversen and Siobhan Karaitiana are calling for help to clear rubbish out of Te Kawau Stream on November 19.
Karen Iversen and Siobhan Karaitiana are calling for help to clear rubbish out of Te Kawau Stream on November 19.

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