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Rape victim: I feel safe now he’s behind bars

- Jimmy Ellingham

A man who ignored two women’s wishes about sexual activity has been jailed after being found guilty of rape and violation charges.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, Raymond Burgess was sentenced to five years’ jail on two charges each of rape and sexual violation stemming from two separate incidents. The 39-year-old was found guilty at a jury trial earlier this year. Burgess’ name was suppressed until yesterday.

The first incident happened in Manawatu¯ in December 2017. Burgess and a woman, who he previously had consensual sexual activity with, met with the intention of having more. Burgess forced the woman into a sexual act she had said she didn’t want to do. He was found not guilty of another sexual violation charge from the same night.

But the jury rejected Burgess’ defence he had consent or reasonably believed he did when forcing the woman into the sex act. In her victim impact statement, the woman said she was sickened by what happened.

‘‘She said that she hates Mr Burgess and hate is not a word that she uses lightly. She says she has been made by Mr Burgess to feel worthless, useless and diseased,’’ Judge Jonathan Krebs said.

The second incident, involving a different woman, happened in the South Island in September 2019, when Burgess was on bail, having been charged over the 2017 encounter.

Burgess and a woman met on the

Tinder dating app and the woman visited a backpacker­s room he had paid for.

The woman was clear she would only have sex if Burgess used protection, but he failed to on two occasions. Again, Burgess’ consent defence wasn’t believed by the jury.

As the woman was preparing to leave, Burgess violated her.

The woman read her victim impact statement to the court, saying the offending against her changed her life for the worse, although him being in custodymad­e her feel safe again.

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