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Totally agree with L, bad move city council. Ma¯ori wards were voted out, why even bother having a poll?

Another gun killing at an American school, just as the Governor of Tennessee makes it legal to carry pistols in public, with no need for any background check. This confirms that Americans are the reproducti­ve organs of guns. R1100

Re Ma¯ori wards. If they are introduced will the four Ma¯ori appointed to council committees be removed? Surely the paper can investigat­e and print the answer. No, the Rangita¯ne o Manawatu¯ committee is a partnershi­p between the city council and mana whenua. Ama¯ori ward seat would be contestabl­e for all Ma¯ori. – Editor

What the hell is all that crap in Pioneer Highway outsidewar­ehouse, etc., bloody council ridiculous, more accidents, you wait. Talk about distractio­n when driving, rocks in their heads.

Huge congrats to the boys of CD and staff winning u20 national league title.

Opinion: pg 10, Tue, Apr 13. What a crass and unnecessar­ily cruel cartoon by Tom Scott targeting the Queen’s Consort Prince Philip at his death. Clearly Tom Scott knows next to nil about him and his life of duty and support of the Queen for 73 years. It’s a disgrace for the Man Standard to have printed it. I amdisguste­d. J.A.

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