Manawatu Standard

5-minute quiz


1. What ‘‘first’’ did New Zealander Neroli Fairhall achieve when she competed in the 1984 Olympic Games?

2. What is the main ingredient of the Middle Eastern dish baba ghanoush?

3. What word can mean an inactive spy or a ring worn in a pierced ear to stop the hole from closing?

4. What was the birth country of the missionary and navigator Saint Brendan the Abbot?

5. What does the name Big Ben specifical­ly refer to?

6. Who travelled in a custom-built 1961 Lincoln Continenta­l convertibl­e with the code name X-100?

7. Which European capital is located on the Tagus River: Lisbon, Budapest orwarsaw? 8. Sergeant Dan was the mascot for what New Zealand brand of rolled oats? 9. What first name was shared by a children’s writer and illustrato­r with the surname Scarry, an aviator with the surname Byrd and a composer with the surname Strauss?

10. What word can precede change, worker and hormone?

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