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Flexible work accessorie­s

The new Surface Laptop 4 and accompanyi­ng accessorie­s have been built with flexible and remote working in mind, writes David Court.

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Microsoft has announced the new Surface Laptop 4 alongside several exciting new PC accessorie­s. The new products all share a theme: they’re built for flexible work.

‘‘Aswe look to the future, it’s clear that flexible work is here to stay,’’ Microsoft explains.

‘‘According to our latest release of the Work Trend Index, over 70 per cent of workers surveyedwa­nt flexible remotework options to continue.

‘‘For hybrid work and learning environmen­ts, devices must help people be productive, enabling collaborat­ion with the right balance of power and performanc­e.’’

Microsoft’s relationsh­ipwith Intel and Amdwas always going to be tested after the smash-hit Apple had with its own Arm-based M1 chips in the latest range of Macbooks.

The improved performanc­e and battery life of Apple’s laptopswil­l have appliedmor­e pressure on Microsoft and Intel andamdto come up with something comparable.

And while the performanc­e and battery life numbers are still to be seen, it’s interestin­g Microsoft felt the need to highlight that it has partnered with both

Intel andamdto customise the Surface Laptop 4’s chipsets in ways that boost performanc­e and battery life.

Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft has launched a new but familiar-looking Surface Laptop 4.

As per usual, there’ s microsoft’ s 3:2 (201 PPI) Pixelsense touchscree­n, available in 13.5’’ or 15’’ models, and customers can choose from Alcantara or metal finish in ‘‘bold colours you can’t get anywhere else’’.

Surface Laptop 4 offers a built-in HD front-facing camera with, according to Microsoft, incredible low-light capability. The camera is complement­ed with a ‘‘studio microphone array’’ and Dolby Atmos Omnisonic speakers.

Importantl­y, customersw­ill have a choice between an 11th Gen Intel Core processors, oramdryzen­mobile Processors­with Radeon Graphics Microsoft Surface Edition (8 cores).

Microsoft adds that it has partnered with Intel andamdto customise silicon in ways that boost performanc­ewhile offering improved battery life.

The Surface Laptop 4 13.5-inch is priced at $1749; the Surface Laptop 4 15-inch is priced at $2499.

Surface Headphones 2+ for business

Microsoft is also boosting its headphone hardware, introducin­g the updated Surface Headphones 2+.

The new headphones boast: Thirteen levels of active noise cancellati­on.

Innovative earcup dials. Eight-microphone system for improved voice clarity.

18.5 hours of music listening time or up to 15 hours of voice calling time. Surface Headphones 2+ is priced at US$299.99 (NZ pricing tbc).

Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker

The Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker features:

Omni-directiona­l, background noisereduc­ing microphone­s.

High-quality speakerwit­h voice optimisati­on.

Premium, compact design with cable storage and carrying case.

USB-C connection.

The Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker is priced at US$99.99 (NZ pricing tbc).

Microsoft Modernwebc­am

The Microsoft Modern Webcam features:

High-quality video with HDR and True Look that deliver facial retouch, fixed light adjustment and autofocus to help you look your best.

Integrated privacy shutter (you can easily slide open and close over the camera lens). Plus, the LED status light lets you quickly see if your camera is on.

Versatile mounting system you can secure to your monitor, laptop, desk or tripod.

Video output: 1080p video up to 1080p, 30fps, HDR, auto-exposure, 78-degree field of view.

USB-A connection.

The Microsoft Modern Webcam is priced at US$69.99 (NZ pricing tbc).

 ?? MICROSOFT ?? Clockwise, from left: Microsoft’s familiar-looking Surface Laptop 4, Modern Webcam, Modern USB Headset, which also comes in a wireless version; and the Modern USB-C Speaker.
MICROSOFT Clockwise, from left: Microsoft’s familiar-looking Surface Laptop 4, Modern Webcam, Modern USB Headset, which also comes in a wireless version; and the Modern USB-C Speaker.

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