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■ I wonder howmany people who protest about palm kernel being used on farms actually use products like margarine etc., that are made up of palm oil. Palm kernel is only a byproduct that otherwise would be dumped.

■ What wonderful human beings Lewis and Alyssa Allen are, risking their lives rescuing jet rider. Pat L ■ Thanks for the improvemen­ts for cyclists on Main St West PNCC. It works well and much safer for us.

Great to see a teacher out on Friday introducin­g their class to the new facility. BW

■ We should either have the appointedm­a¯ori representa­tives or ama¯ori ward councillor but not both. What is this council thinking. I assume our rates are paying for the non elected appointees.

■ Kaybee Tuesday txt. That sounds awesome. I also would be immensely proud to say I live in Te Papaioea. You have my vote. Malcolm

■ New Zealand is New Zealand. The PM and the television and now the weather forecast in the Manawatu¯

Standard have all forgotten how to say or print New Zealand. Instead, by stealth, the English versions of name places are being estimated. If people want the Ma¯ori names, put both versions. New Zealand is New Zealand. P

■ YESWW. Agree wholeheart­edly about fixing footpaths for those of us who choose to walk. Have any councillor­s actually walked right down eg Linton St from The Square to Park Rd. It’s extremely dangerous. Concrete slabs at all angles to trip you up! Holes filled in with tarmac here and there at different heights and levels! And

this is just one street. Elderly people are more likely to walk than cycle. Be nice to think you cared about us too. DB

■ Full front page on Wednesday homeless Ms Monkhouse. I feel sorry for her but reading between the lines there has to be another side to the story. Stuff be interestin­g in six months to see if her story is any different. Heyj

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