Manawatu Standard

Laser pointed at plane in Auckland


Police have reported a person pointing a laser at a commercial aircraft at Auckland Airport on Wednesday. A police spokesman said not a lotwas known about the incident, but police were notified at 7.15pm that a laser had been pointed at an aircraft. The matterwas being referred to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the spokesman said. Last Friday, an Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Whanga¯reiwas struck by a laser. David Morgan, the airline’s chief operationa­l integrity and safety officer, said flight Nz8226was struck while flying at 3500 feet on approach to Whanga¯rei. The pilot alerted Air Traffic Control and the plane landed without incident about 8.20pm. The Caawas approached by Stuff for comment. Offenders face up to three months jail or a fine up to $2000 if convicted of possession of a highpowere­d laser or up to 14 years in jail if convicted under the Crimes Act for endangerin­g transport.

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