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Zoo elephants to be rehomed separately


Auckland Zoo has found new homes for beloved elephants Burma and Anjalee, who are set to travel to Australia this year. The zoo decided to rehome the elephants in November last year, to give them the ‘‘family herd’’ they need for their long-term wellbeing. Anjalee, 14, needs to get pregnant soon to avoid any long-term reproducti­ve health issues female elephants can face if they do not breed. Yesterday, the zoo announced Anjalee and Burma, 38, would be moving to separate zoos in Australia later this year. ‘‘Anjaleewil­l joint the herd at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo and Burma will head to Australia Zoo to join their all-female herd,’’ spokeswoma­n Jane Healy said. Anjalee will be integrated into a family herd of two cows, one calf and three bulls, giving her ‘‘the very best’’ opportunit­y to breed.

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