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3 new cases


There are three new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand, all found in managed isolation. There are no new community cases.

Yesterday’sministry of Health follows a border worker testing positive this week. The worker, who cleans planes at Auckland Internatio­nal Airport, visited a number of locations while infectious, including a mall and a hardware store.

They also worked three shifts while infectious.

Thirty-one close contacts have now been identified, of whom 22 are work contacts.

None have so far been announced as positive cases.

The worker, who had received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, is now at a quarantine facility.

Two of yesterday’s cases in managed isolation had travelled from India and Jordan via the UAE.

The India case had flown before the Government placed a temporary ban on flights entering New Zealand from that country. They tested positive on day 17 of their stay in managed isolation, after it was found they were a contact of a case diagnosed on April 7.

The ministry said it was still trying to determine where the third case had flown from. They also came via the United Arab Emirates. It said four previously reported cases had recovered, meaning the country’s total number of active cases is 80.

New Zealand’s total number of confirmed cases to date is 2244. Two previously reported cases had also been reclassifi­ed as not cases.

One of these was now deemed historic and considered not infectious.

The other case was also deemed historic and was recorded in the person’s country of origin.

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