Manawatu Standard

Abusive husband escapes deportatio­n


A man convicted of assaulting his wife – including waving a knife at her and slapping her in the face – has escaped deportatio­n after a tribunal ruled he has exceptiona­l circumstan­ces. The man, identified only as CJ, is allowed to stay in New Zealand because of his family relationsh­ips and need to financiall­y support his mother in the Philippine­s. CJ, a joiner, came to New Zealand in 2013 and was granted residence as a skilled migrant in 2015, according to a recently-released decision from the Immigratio­n and Protection Tribunal. However, he was issued with a deportatio­n liability notice in late 2020 after being convicted of two counts of assault on a person in a family relationsh­ip and one of strangulat­ion or suffocatio­n. CJ was sentenced to six months’ supervisio­n and three months’ community detention. The 45-year-old told the tribunal he regretted his actions. CJ’S wife and children said his deportatio­n would rip their family apart. The tribunal found CJ had exceptiona­l circumstan­ces that would make it ‘‘unduly harsh’’ for him to be deported.

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