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■ In a city this size it’s ridiculous that Kiwi Bank, ASB and Post Shops are all shut up and the public have to go searching halfway round Disneyland to post or get something, let alone solve something. Oh yeah, and then line up. Tom

■ The Government’s gun buy-up has really had the desired effect hasn’t it? Was an absolute waste of money. The people who needed to hand them in were never going to. It’s a real worry for our police and the innocent public.

■ Just had my second Covid shot at the Fitz site. Well done. Midcentral staff so good. Eyebee

■ Ever tried to phone Inland Revenue? Hopeless. Pay taxes but

get no service. PI

■ What rubbish about the Defence Force being vindictive – jabs should be mandatory with the odd medical exception. Like France, we should need vaccinatio­n passports for entry to most social and public places. After all we don’t have choice on which side the road we drive? We have freedom but to be responsibl­e for the health of others. Tim Brown

■ People in Parliament need to get out of the office and see what is going on in the real world. M

■ Whoever painted the new lines on Main St between Cook and Pitt must have been drunk. All over the place. Very confusing at Pitt St lights.

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