Manawatu Standard

Five-minute quiz


1. How did two men named Burke and Hare become famous: as explorers, serial killers or medical pioneers?

2. On a map of New Zealand, what word follows Hundalee, Hokonui and Wither?

3. Which is the world’s newest country: Kosovo, East Timor or South Sudan?

4. What first name was shared by a British prime minister with the surname Baldwin, an American film director with the surname Kubrick and an English football hero with the surname Matthews?

5. Which European country is governed by the Law and Justice Party?

6. The phrase ‘‘jumping the shark’’ was inspired by which TV series: Happy Days, Magnum PI or Miami Vice?

7. In Australia, who has the nickname Scotty from Marketing?

8. Which West Auckland suburb gave its name to an heirloom variety of apple?

9. In sport, what are the names Col de Tourmalet, Col a’aubisque, Col d’aspin and Col de Peyresoude associated with?

10. F9 is the latest in what series of action films starring Vin Diesel?

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