Manawatu Standard

Theory put to bed


Irish gymnast Rhys Mcclenagha­n appears to have busted the theory popular on the internet that cardboard beds at the Olympic Village in Tokyo are designed to deter athletes from having sex. Footage posted on Twitter shows Mcclenagha­n doing half a dozen energetic jumps on one of the beds, without appearing to damage it. ‘‘Apparently they’re meant to break at any sudden movements,’’ Mcclenagha­n said. ‘‘It’s fake, fake news.’’ The official Olympics Twitter account re-posted Mcclenagha­n’s tweet, saying: ‘‘Thanks for debunking the myth. You heard it first from @Teamirelan­d gymnast @Mcclenagha­nrhys – the sustainabl­e cardboard beds are sturdy!’’ Organisers are trying to keep athletes apart as much as possible to try to limit the opportunit­ies for the Sars-cov-2 coronaviru­s to spread.

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