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■ Excellent experience for my first Covid jab today. Profession­al team and organisati­on. Ma¯ori wardens helping. Well done to everyone and thank you.

■ Beware of false gifts and false promises. $32 million sounds good, but it is a one off and is taxpayer money. Losing control of our water assets is forever. How can the Government promise we’ll better off? What happens in 10 years if it all turns to custard?

■ These water reforms are straight out of of the socialist textbook. Vehemently opposed to not having central control over everything. Just like banning charter schools.

■ What a load of rot about the tree thinning on Ongley Park being a good thing. The wind will now howl through the rose garden, potentiall­y shredding the flowers. Whoever thought of chopping the trees needs their head read.

■ In reference to your In Depth article re China and its atmospheri­c emissions, the rest of the world could turn off Chinese emissions overnight by avoiding cheap Chinese goods. We all shoulder responsibi­lity for Chinese emissions. NP

■ Note to Jacinda Ardern: Just because Harry Tan has the title, honorary life membership of the Mongrel Mob, it does not make him honourable, let alone deserving of $2.75 million of our tax dollars.

■ Whetu, plant your own garden then you won’t have to starve because farmers take a day off to have their say. Don’t forget farmers work seven days a week through most of the year. Why all of this farmer bashing all of a sudden?

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