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1542 – Pope Paul III creates Roman Inquisitio­n to fight Protestant­ism. 1820 – Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted announces his discovery that an electrical current creates a magnetic field.

1861 – Confederat­e army defeats Union troops at Battle of Bull Run in Virginia, at start of American Civil War. 1873 – Jesse James and his gang pull off the first train robbery in the US, taking US$3000 from the Rock Island

Express in Adair, Iowa.

1925 – Ra¯tana movement formally establishe­d as a church; in Dayton, Tennessee, John T Scopes convicted of violating state law for teaching evolution. The conviction is later overturned.

1959 – US District Court judge in New York City rules that DH Lawrence’s

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, right, is not pornograph­ic.

1960 – Sirimavo Bandaranai­ke of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) becomes the world’s first elected female prime minister.

1969 – US Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin ’’Buzz’’ Aldrin Jr blast off from the Moon.

1983 – World’s lowest-ever natural temperatur­e recorded -89.2 °C at Soviet Vostok Station, Antarctica.

1994 – Dissident author Alexander Solzhenits­yn returns to Moscow 20 years after his expulsion.

2000 – Bolivian drug trafficker Roberto Suarez Gomez, the selfprocla­imed ‘‘King of Cocaine’’, dies at 68. He is believed to have been the model for the movie Scarface.

2008 – Ex-bosnian Serb leader

Radovan Karadzic is arrested in Belgrade by Serbian security forces.


Baron Paul Julius von Reuter, Germanborn news service pioneer (1816-99); Ernest Hemingway, US writer (1899-1961); Ken Starr, US lawyer who investigat­ed Bill Clinton (1946-); Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), UK musician (1948-); Robin Williams, US actor (1951-2014); Jeff Fatt, Australian musician/actor, The Wiggles (1953-); Ross Kemp, UK actor (1964-); Duncan Sarkies, NZ writer (1970-).

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