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■ Our Healthcare NZ experience has been top notch. Thanks, especially to Paula. MM

■ How sad that Whetu missed out on shopping because of the farmers’ protest. I thought the supermarke­ts were open every day. I shopped at the farmers’ market before the procession. That may have been the only day farmers had off farm during winter.

■ Had to laugh. Today I was out walking along the Maxwells Line end of College St where there are cycle lanes on both sides of the road and I encountere­d a cyclist on the footpath. BND

■ I think a point missed is that farmers and horticultu­ralists have regulation­s and compliance costs like other industries except they can’t pass on the costs as they have to accept the price offered.

■ Because all the top athletes are not attending Tokyo the medals awarded won’t mean crap. Stay home. Robo

■ I recently filled out my annual agricultur­al statistics survey as required by law. According to their figures, as an average-size dairy farmer, I generate nearly $2 million in overseas earnings for the country. I wonder how much those who continuall­y put the boot into farmers contribute. I suspect not much.

■ John Shennan, you obviously have no idea what farmers were protesting about or how much they have done to look after the environmen­t.

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