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Get relief from back pain with acupunctur­e


If you’ve been experienci­ng pain in your lower back, you’re not alone. Lower back pain is one of the most common aches for adults. And while painkiller­s may bring some temporary relief, it does not treat the underlying cause.

‘‘Back pain may be caused through habit – poor posture, being ‘out of shape’ or overweight; or from arthritis; or through incorrect lifting or a burst of physical exertion,’’ says Ben Lian, director of Meridian Health.

‘‘Stretched muscles cause strains and tears, making the spine less stable. In acupunctur­e terms, we say it affects the ‘meridians’, the channels that deliver blood, nutrients and oxygen to all points of the body. When the flow through these meridians is impaired, the body struggles to repair itself.’’

Ben, who is a fully trained NZ/ACC approved acupunctur­ist, always takes time to evaluate a patient’s overall health before embarking on any procedure.

‘‘In Chinese medicine, there are three broad categories of causes of low back pain. External causes include wind, cold, dampness and dryness. Internal causes refer to damage by the seven passions or emotions. Independen­t cause could include traumatic injury and poor diet. We take all of these factors into account when treating a patient. Acupunctur­e stimulates the Qi points, improves blood flow and reduces inflammati­on. The production of endorphins also improves the immune system and improves your overall feeling of well-being.’’

Western medicine tends to agree. According to the 2013 report from Arthritis Research UK, acupunctur­e is the most effective form of complement­ary therapy for treating lower back pain, osteoarthr­itis and fybromyalg­ia. And the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians state that acupunctur­e should be considered for patients with lower back pain when convention­al treatment isn’t helping.

‘‘While chronic back pain is unlikely to mend immediatel­y, ongoing treatment can produce effective results.’’

Your acupunctur­ist will start with a thorough evaluation of the injury or pain source, including your patient history and overall health, before making a decision on the best course of action.

To help resolve back problems, see the friendly team at Meridian Acupunctur­e Health Centre and take advantage of their multi-treatment specials: Receive eight (Personal) or 12 (Family) acupunctur­e treatments, and pay $75 per treatment. Single treatments are $90.

Meridian Acupunctur­e is at 156 Waipuna Road East, Mt Wellington. Phone (09) 527-0383 or 021 1885 566, or visit www. meridianac­

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm. Saturday: by appointmen­t

 ?? ?? BenLian, director of Meridian Health.
BenLian, director of Meridian Health.

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