Manukau Courier

Killer’s death a ‘relief’’


Convicted killer Glenn McDonald has died in prison at age 54, 11 years into his sentence for the murder of flatmate Keith Kahi.

McDonald was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum non-parole period of 11 years, in 2011 after shooting Kahi seven times with a high-powered air rifle.

Kahi was found dead in the driveway of their flat in east Auckland’s Botany Downs.

Clinton Kahi, Keith Kahi’s eldest brother, said McDonald’s death had provided some relief to family members, but there were still ‘‘mixed feelings’’ following the news.

‘‘My brothers aren’t sure how to feel. Some are angry because they think he needed to be around a lot longer, so that he could suffer a bit more for what he did to Keith,’’ he said.

‘‘For myself, I’m really happy. I’m sad for his family, but I’m happy that he’s gone. I’m glad he doesn’t have the chance to impact other young lives in the way he did when he was alive.’’

Kahi said his wife, Patricia, had forgiven McDonald, but himself and his three other brothers are ‘‘not yet at that point’’– and ‘‘I don’t believe we would have ever got there’’, he said.

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