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I share John Watson’s concerns with regard to the proposal that the majority of Regional Parks be formally included in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Whilst some proposals considered by the Gulf Forum are, according to its 28 February meeting agenda, not at this time being pursued there never-the-less remains the possibilit­y that our regional parks network could be broken up due to subsequent legislativ­e changes to the Act and Forum.

Our Regional Parks system is far too valuable to Auckland for its cohesive management to be broken up for no perceivabl­e benefit to the Gulf.

Ralph Lyon, Red Beach

It was good to read John Watson’s article re control of parks gulf etc.

This should have been on the front page. Most people don’t seem to be aware of the control by stealth taking over this country. Three waters is another being pushed through .

Everyone is so consumed with Covid they do not release what’s happening to the New Zealand we grew up in.

Iwill be voting for John.

Lynn Hedges, Auckland

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