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The proposal to scrap the use of Tags will encourage people to dump more rubbish. If a blanket charge is introduced house holders will be encouraged to dump more.

With the tag system many households only put a bin out every two or three weeks and often less often.

If they are able to put a bin out everyweek households will try to fill them, which will increase waste.

Collection Costs to the council will also increase as the contractor will take longer each rubbish day to empty the increased number of bins .

This will also increase the carbon footprint and pollution, produced by trucks running for longer.

Just because people are elected to council doesn’t mean they have the ability or skills to work out the consequenc­es of decisions like this.

Chris Wilson, Auckland

I ask that the council please consider very carefully before it phases out the rubbish bin tags.

The proposed increased charges will financiall­y cripple many people. Surely it’s easier to live with dishonest people who use other’s bins and steal tags.

Unfortunat­ely we have these people permanentl­y about us, but we can safeguard it to a certain extent, by keeping our bins inside until the morning of the day they are collected. Most of the thieving of tags, and the filling up with other people’s rubbish is a night time occurrence.

I try in everyway possible to do my best for the wellbeing of the country. I have awater tank, a compost bin, a worm farm. The only ‘‘food’’ that goes inmy blue bin, is bones, which I freeze until the bin is nearly full.- When filling the kettle I save the first water for use through the day for cooking, drinking etc. So I amonly heating the hot up, and save the rest for cooking. I also save lightly soiled household waste water in buckets for garden use. My bin would go out - at the very most – six times a year, so you can see how much I would be affected by the changes. I amsure there are many hundreds in the same position.

I trust there are lots of forward thinking people working on these proposals.

Levare Child, West Harbour.

Like Birkdale residents Jacqui and Alan Vowles I am liable to pay a lot more for the rubbish collection. In my case at least 10-12 times more as I put out my 80 litre sized bin only about every six weeks.

It gets worse if/when the food scraps service is introduced as my food scraps go into my garden compost bin. My smallest sized recycle bin is also only put out about every third collection.

Amessage for Parul Snood - put bin tags on your regular supermarke­t shopping list.

Nancy Croad, Hillcrest

Why would Auckland Council reduce the incentive to reduce waste to landfill? Reducing individual responsibi­lity for non recyclable waste is both irresponsi­ble and damaging, both environmen­tally and financiall­y.

It is quite clear that the Council is not planning for a sustainabl­e future and puts in jeopardy any gains made by those who have made the effort to do the right thing.

If the council is looking for a way forward I suggest they have a chat with our tamariki. They are the ones that will be ultimately affected by this decision.

Brent Beaumont, New Lynn

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