Manukau Courier



I would like to sincerely thank the kind lady who rescued my kitten from the middle of Wellington St, last Wednesday evening.

My 10 month old Percy has medical issues associated with neurologic­al FIP and was paralysed by fear in the middle of the road totally disorienta­ted.

This lady was able to pick him up and take him to her home as she had a Zoom meeting to attend.

Iwas completely distraught at finding he had escaped through a small gap in the fence. I phoned neighbours and searched behind buildings looking for him but to no avail.

A friend came over at 8pm and with torches we set out searching again. We got to my letterbox and there was a lady with her two children carrying a cat cage.

I could not believe it. There was my little Percy. Iwas overjoyed to see him again and am so lucky this kind person saved his life.

I am so grateful.

Charlotte Thompson,


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