Manukau Courier

The Top 10


1. What German school of architectu­re was was closed by the Nazis in 1933?

2. The Annie Awards recognises excellence in which field of the arts?

3. Whose painting, "Keep It Rear", sold for $ 1.7m (including the buyer's premium) in Auckland in March 2021?

4. More than 100 victims of what disaster are buried in a cemetery in Nova Scotia?

5. The board game "Monopoly" was originally based on which US city?

6. Chinese Wave, Purl Ridge, Raspberry and Garter are all types of what?

7. What German word refers to a shot of strong alcoholic drink, often fruit-flavoured?

8. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. what are used as croquet mallets and balls?

9.The masseter muscle is the strongest in the human body. Where is it found?

10.In which year did Bruce McLaren and Jimi Hendrix die: 1969, 1970 or 1972?

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