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What makes your Mum so special?


Pizza, burgers, spaghetti bolognaise, banana cake, cuddles and tickles feature high on the list of what makes mum special for a group of 5-year-olds and 6-year olds at Richmond View School.

Ahead of Mother’s Day tomorrow, the kids were expressing what their mum means to them and what their plans are for Mother’s Day.

‘‘I love my mum to the galaxies and back She reads me a book every night, and she’s really beautiful and kind,’’ Oliver Dight, 6, said.

‘‘My favourite one is a robot book, and I really like my mum because she gives me kisses every night and she cuddles me in bed. I come into her bed every morning and I love her.’’

‘‘Mother’s Day means you get to celebrate your mum – she’s the best,’’ Jude Williams, 6, said. ‘‘She’s the best mum in the whole universe – she’s really kind and funny. She tells lots of jokes.’’

Pizza features in the kind things she does for him, and he likes his with olives, melted cheese, tomato, chicken and bacon.

Six-year-old Zion-Grace Romana’s favourite is banana cake, and she said she bakes ‘‘lots of stuff’’ with her mum. Flour and a special ‘‘secret’’ ingredient go into the pancakes they make together.

‘‘She tells me fairy stories.’’

Her mum has a magic wand she said, but ‘‘it’s broken’’. Her mum also makes her special lunch boxes with mandarins, muffins and sandwiches, and draws pictures of her.

‘‘Mother’s Day means Mummy has a joyful time in her day,’’ Mila McKerrow, 5, said. ‘‘Mum is love. She makes me lots of yummy choices for food.’’ Cinnamon on apple is her favourite. ‘‘I love her sooo much, and she’s so kind to me. Mummy has lots of skirts and dresses – she wears tights a lot.’’

‘‘God likes every mum because he’s good and mums are good,’’ David Silva, 6, said. His favourite food is feijoa crumble with ice cream, and he enjoys playing Monopoly with his mum, and sometimes soccer.

‘‘She cleans my bedroom sometimes and makes dinner for me,’’ Amelia Rentoul, 6, said. ‘‘She makes burgers – I’m not sure what’s in them, but they’re yummy.’’

‘‘She’s caring, she’s loving, she’s kind, she’s beautiful, she’s sweet, she’s nice – she’s always nice, she never stops being nice,’’ Israel Roebeck, 6, said.

‘‘I’ll give her lots of sweet and nice things – I’ll always do that to my Mum, because she always loves me even when she’s mad.’’

Livvy Rentoul, 5, loves being tickled by her mum, and loves that her mum lets her eat Weetbix with chocolate on them. ‘‘My mum is the best and the sweetest in the whole world. I’m going to get new stuff for her, and I’m always going to give her cuddles.’’

‘‘My mum is kind, and she cooks for me,’’ Angela Vista, 6, said. Her favourite is pizza with mushroom, cheese, and pineapple. ‘‘She puts me to bed and reads stories, and she tickles me.’’

Noah Solomon, 6, thinks Mother’s Day is special because it has the name ‘‘Mother’’ in the beginning. ‘‘I forget to do things sometimes then she does them for me, like when I forget to pack things then she just packs it for me. She wakes me up in the morning because I forget to get up, and when it’s school days I try to ignore that I have to go to school.’’ He also loves his mum’s spaghetti bolognaise.

Rory Tempest is ‘‘almost 6’’, and reckons his mum is special because she wears earrings. ‘‘She does look pretty,’’ he said. He enjoys helping his mum make his favourite banana cake.

Her mum is special because she looks after her, Grace Galloway, 6, said. ‘‘She gives me a wet towel if I scrape my leg,’’ she said, pointing to her scraped knee. ‘‘She plays tricks on me and throws socks at me. I might hide some stuff in the letter box for her and notes saying ‘go this way’.’’

Iyanna Hothi, 6, likes making pancakes and milkshakes with her mum. ‘‘I always say bye to her and always hug her when I go to school. She is beautiful and she wears beautiful dresses.’’

 ??  ?? Grace Galloway, 6, says her mum is special because she looks after her. ‘‘She gives me a wet towel if I scrape my leg,’’ Grace says.
Grace Galloway, 6, says her mum is special because she looks after her. ‘‘She gives me a wet towel if I scrape my leg,’’ Grace says.

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