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Five ways to make coupons work


OPINION: A vivid childhood memory I have is of my mum clipping coupons and redeeming them at the supermarke­t.

There were no automatic discounts applied when you swiped your store card back then; if you wanted $2 off loo roll or twofor-one bags of carrots, you needed to cut your coupons out of the weekly supermarke­t mailer to get your discounts. Fast-forward to 2022 and if supermarke­t mailers still existed, most of us wouldn’t receive them thanks to the ‘‘no junk mail’’ signs on our letterboxe­s anyway. But with the sky-high cost of living at the moment, many of us are on the lookout to find as many savvy ways as possible to supplement our budgets.


One easy way to enjoy the things we love without spending full price is to visit NZ Compare’s Free Voucher Codes website. Here you’ll find vouchers and coupon codes to redeem at supermarke­ts, food delivery services, online stores, clothing stores, petrol stations, fast food, internet providers . . . all the products and services that make

day-to-day living easier.


Seen a jacket you love online but don’t want to pay full price?

Many online stores offer discount codes to people who sign up to their newsletter. Once you enter your email address, a discount code will wing its way to your inbox - and after you’ve redeemed it you can always unsubscrib­e if you don’t want to

clutter your emails.


With the price of petrol hitting record highs this year, it can be downright frightenin­g filling up at the pump. Many supermarke­ts offer petrol discounts on the bottom of their receipts, so saving them in the centre console of your car or sticking them on your fridge can be a visual reminder that there’s money to be saved when you’re at the petrol station next. Most petrol stations offer ongoing discounts when you register for their loyalty cards too.


If you wish you could get more discounts but you can’t find vouchers that will give you them, why not get creative and make your own? Swap babysittin­g vouchers with other families. Build a mate’s deck in exchange for a couple of months of lawn

is a 100 per cent Kiwi-owned community platform that helps the neighbourh­oods of Aotearoa thrive. By exchanging helpful informatio­n, goods and services in a safe and trusted way, it's never been easier to feel part of the neighbourh­ood. Join today at

mowing. Bulk cook your favourite dish then swap it with your neighbours to mix up your menu for the week.


While not technicall­y a coupon, making sure you don’t pay more than you have to on high-value items is a smart way to save money. Using NZ Compare’s PriceMe price comparison website, you can find the cheapest place to buy the latest phones, laptops, washing machines, and more. To find out how you could make your budget stretch further, visit nzcompare. com.

This article was commission­ed in response to a commercial partnershi­p. We have produced it independen­tly, to the same standards applied to the rest of our journalism.

 ?? ?? In the past, if people wanted store discounts people had to use coupon books or clip coupons from the newspaper. Today, we can use phone apps or websites instead.
In the past, if people wanted store discounts people had to use coupon books or clip coupons from the newspaper. Today, we can use phone apps or websites instead.
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