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Mango¯nui’s top fish feed by the sea

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The word ‘‘iconic’’ is bandied about a lot in travel. Whether it is a landmark, attraction or local business, it is often used to highlight importance and longevity.

And while it can be misused, there is no denying that Northland’s Mangonui Fish

Shop is worthy of the iconic label.

Undoubtedl­y one of the main reasons for tourists to make the turn off the Twin Coast Discovery Highway, this picture-postcard chippery on Mango¯ nui Wharf has been serving locals and travellers for more than 70 years.

It is famed for fish so fresh that it seems to have jumped from the sea onto the plate via the fryer.

The famous building perched on its poles welcomes you into the small settlement of

Mango¯ nui, a historic fishing port in sublime Doubtless Bay. It isn’t big in size, but it more than makes up for that in charm.

There is a huge range of fish on offer, including bluenose, snapper, ha¯ puku and lemonfish.

When my husband and I visited last year, we dived headfirst into delicately battered blue cod with crispy fries.

And a raw fish salad of fillets that were diced, marinated in lemon juice and smothered in coconut cream was washed down with a perky pinot gris.

Luckily, on the day we were there, seats were freely available. We had heard that it can get pretty packed at times. This is, after all, ‘‘world famous’’ (it says so on the side of the building).

Getting a good seat overlookin­g the water on a sundrenche­d day, with nothing but some envious-looking seagulls to disturb the view, is pretty unbeatable.

While it may be a bit strange to come to one of the country’s

Fact file

Where to eat:

Mangonui Fish Shop, 137 Waterfront Drive, Mango¯ nui.

Visit mangonuifi­ most famous fish’n’chip shops and not actually have any of the said fish, there are other limited options, including a range of burgers to chow down on.

Just one word of warning: this won’t be the cheapest meal you will have around Aotearoa; tarakihi will set you back $11 for a piece and $13.50 for the likes of blue cod and snapper.

However, if you happen to be in this stunning part of Northland, it’s a small price to pay for a little slice of Kiwiana joy.

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 ?? DAVID KIRKLAND/NORTHLAND NZ ?? Mangonui Fish Shop has stunning views.
DAVID KIRKLAND/NORTHLAND NZ Mangonui Fish Shop has stunning views.
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