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Changemake­r: ‘Old vit’ toast of wine industry


‘‘But you’re never too old to learn, and that’s how I plan to continue. ’’

The Young Viticultur­ist competitio­n has been ‘‘the driving force and making of my career’’, says Marlboroug­h’s Tahryn Mason, who won the national title last month.

The Villa Maria vineyard supervisor has four regional competitio­ns and two wins under his belt, having started out in the Auckland/Northern competitio­n in 2019.

‘‘I have treated it as a real learning opportunit­y every single year,’’ he says.

‘‘Trying to learn from my mistakes and plug the gaps in my knowledge has really driven me to work hard to become better.’’

Because he is now 30, the 2022 Corteva Young Viticultur­ist of the Year – held at Indevin’s Bankhouse in Marlboroug­h on August 30 – was Tahryn’s last opportunit­y to take the national title.

‘‘Now that I am technicall­y aged out of the competitio­n I guess I am an old vit,’’ he says the day after his win in the competitio­n.

‘‘But you’re never too old to learn, and that’s how I plan to continue.’’

The viticultur­ist works at Villa Maria’s Seaspray Cluster – four vineyards in the Awatere Valley, two of which are organic – and is passionate about future proofing winegrowin­g by making it more resilient, using innovative adaptation­s to prepare for challenges, rather than reactive responses when they come.

Continuing to build his own knowledge base is part of that growth.

‘‘Making myself more resilient and adaptive to change as well.’’

Tahryn will go on to represent the wine industry in the 2023 Young Horticultu­rist of the Year competitio­n.

This article first appeared in a magazine and is republishe­d with permission.

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