Small change: The shape of the fu­ture "

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Yes­ter­day I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. To­day I am wise, so I am chang­ing my­self." Rumi.

Well, it’s not of­ten I get to quote a 13th cen­tury Per­sian poet.

And if Rumi is to be be­lieved, to­day we are a wise bunch at the Marl­bor­ough Ex­press, for we are chang­ing our­selves. And, in my opin­ion, change is good.

If it wasn’t for change, we’d still be run­ning out of film on our cam­eras.

To­day, we can snap to our hearts’ con­tent.

If it wasn’t for change, we’d still be record­ing the charts onto cas­settes. To­day, we can down­load mu­sic to our hearts’ con­tent.

If it wasn’t for change, we’d still be drink­ing Soda Stream. To­day, oh wait. What I’m try­ing to say is, what has re­ally changed, other than the method? Well, that’s the same here.

And, to be hon­est, go­ing com­pact has been a long time com­ing. Al­though, on a selfish note, I’m quite chuffed it has co­in­cided with my re­cent ap­point­ment to Re­gional Edi­tor.

That means, when they look back on this mo­ment in 100 years, prob­a­bly on some aug­mented reality de­vice, they’ll see my name on the door, so to speak.

Any­way, I hope you en­joy your new Ex­press. It would seem another poet, this time US soul and jazz poet Gil Scot­theron, was right, "the rev­o­lu­tion will not be tele­vised", it will be printed.

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