Metro Magazine NZ : 2020-01-02

Restaurant Review : 85 : 85

Restaurant Review

RESTAURANT REVIEW # Bar Céleste 146 Karangahap­e Rd, K’ Rd Precinct. Tue-Sat, 3pm-late. Small plates $9-20; large plates $25-36; dessert $9-15. Hours: Bill: # HOW WE REVIEW RESTAURANT­S ARE USUALLY VISITED AT LEAST TWICE AND ARE RATED FOR WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO: A SUPERB BISTRO AND SUPERB FINE-DINING PLACE BOTH GET FIVE SPOONS. WE PAY FOR OUR MEALS AND IF POSSIBLE DO NOT DECLARE OUR PRESENCE. Clay 366 Karangahap­e Rd, K’ Rd Precinct. @clay_366krd, Wed-Thur, 4pm-late; Fri-Sat, noon to late. Smaller plates $12-18; bigger plates $18. Hours: WE’D EAT HERE IF WE HAD TO GOOD, BUT REALLY SHOULD BE BETTER VERY GOOD EXTREMELY GOOD SUPERB: AMONG THE VERY BEST OF ITS KIND Bill: METRO 85 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2020

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