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BARREBEGINNERS AT BARREFIGURE barrefigure.co.nz | @barrefigure Tar­gets: your whole body, es­pe­cially your arms, core, back, thighs and butt. At Barrefigure, the cute pink balls, pur­ple ropes and pink weights lull you into a false sense of se­cu­rity, look­ing for all the world like the kind of breezy scene Mal­ibu Bar­bie would get be­hind. But no. Turns out this is the ton­ing class the Ter­mi­na­tor would do. Think stretch­ing and strength­en­ing bal­let-/pi­lates-/yo­gastyle moves that force you to work your en­tire body, but leave you feel­ing like a boss bal­le­rina babe. Word to the wise: ex­pect to shake and feel the deep­est burn, and don’t do it in shorts like I did or you’ll be perma-wor­ried that you're flash­ing your neigh­bour. POLE LEVEL 1 AT AL­TI­TUDE al­ti­tude­poleauck­land.co.nz | @al­ti­tude­polenz Tar­gets: your whole body, pro­mot­ing strength, flex­i­bil­ity and co­or­di­na­tion. Ev­ery­one knows pole danc­ing is the ul­ti­mate for con­di­tion­ing and ton­ing. We’ve all seen those In­sta-babes glid­ing around poles like sul­try swans, so I was a bit ner­vous about try­ing it, but the best part of this class for me was that it felt re­ally wel­com­ing. The in­struc­tor of­fered such sis­terly en­cour­age­ment it felt like badass Girl Guides. Hold­ing your­self up can be hard, your hands will blis­ter and you will scuff your knees. But there’s a great sense of ac­com­plish­ment that comes with pick­ing up some im­pres­sive tricks rel­a­tively quickly. POWERHOOP WITH POWERHOOP NZ pow­er­hoopnz.co.nz | @pow­er­hoopnz Tar­gets: your arms, core, glutes and legs. What bet­ter way to trick your­self into ex­er­cis­ing than to pre­tend you’re a kid again? Per­haps that’s the se­cret to Powerhoop’s suc­cess. “Powerhoop at­tracts peo­ple who’ve tried so many things,” says owner Amy Mcau­ley. “They fall in love with this, so much so that they stay for years.” I def­i­nitely got that vibe from the class I went to — it was a very in­clu­sive en­vi­ron­ment. This is a high­en­ergy blend of hula hoop­ing with a weighted hoop, aer­o­bics, Pi­lates and dance. And you can’t get away from the fact it’s just re­ally fun. This is an awe­some place to start if the thought of a stan­dard ex­er­cise class in­tim­i­dates you.

We know how it is. The sun’s out, but it’s not guns out — in­stead, you’re breaking into a cold sweat ev­ery time you think about hit­ting the gym. May we sug­gest some al­ter­na­tives? Ver­ity John­son tested classes around the coun­try for any­one who’s cross trainer-averse but still wants that ban­gin’ bod

TWERKFIT WITH TWERK IT OUT twerk­itout.co.nz | @twerk­itoutnz Tar­gets: your back, legs and over­all car­dio fit­ness. If you’re any­thing like me and har­bour a se­cret sus­pi­cion that you are in fact Bey­oncé, this is your jam. De­signed to pro­vide a car­dio hit for those who hate spin­ning, it’s amaz­ing how quickly you give in to the urge to shake what your mama gave you. There’s noth­ing scary about this, and if you’re wor­ried you don’t have the right kinda buns — don’t be. Classes are de­signed for all booty types, and start with twerk tu­to­ri­als that’ll have you mov­ing like Bey in no time. It’s quite pos­si­bly the most fun you’ll ever have in short shorts. SAMBA BE­GIN­NERS AT SAMBA PAS­SION SCHOOL sam­ba­pas­sion.co.nz | @gabinz­dance Tar­gets: your core, legs and over­all car­dio fit­ness. The most in­cred­i­ble thing about Samba Pas­sion’s classes is the in­struc­tor Gabi Guimaraes. If her fire­cracker brand of ef­fu­sive en­thu­si­asm doesn’t make you want to move, noth­ing will. This is an­other good place to start if you’re in­tim­i­dated by the usual work­outs, be­cause it re­ally doesn't feel like one. It’s great car­dio ex­er­cise and un­leashes your in­ner dance god­dess. Or, as Gabi puts it, “It’s about bring­ing out your in­ner beauty and al­low­ing you to be queens and kings.” BOUNCE FIT­NESS AT UPTOWN BOUNCE up­town­bounce.co.nz | @up­town­bounce Tar­gets: your whole body, es­pe­cially your core, and over­all car­dio fit­ness. Who didn’t spend their child­hood sum­mers get­ting sun­burned on the tramp in the gar­den, try­ing to fly? Well, now the grown-up you can do it as a work­out with Uptown Bounce’s tram­polin­ing classes — low-im­pact full-body work­outs dis­guised as a nos­tal­gic good time. Ac­cord­ing to a NASA study, just 10 min­utes of bounc­ing is equiv­a­lent to 30 min­utes of run­ning, so if you’re one of those peo­ple who strug­gle with tread­mills be­cause they make your shins hurt, this is for you. AE­RIAL LYRA BE­GIN­NERS AT FLIP N FLY flip­n­fly.co.nz | @flip­n­fly­cir­cus Tar­gets: your whole body. The first thing I felt at this lyra (ae­rial hoop) class was ter­ri­fied. Es­pe­cially when the in­struc­tor en­cour­aged me to let go of the hoop and I found my­self hang­ing up­side down four me­tres off the ground. But the sec­ond thing I felt was an in­cred­i­ble sense of ac­com­plish­ment. After just one class, I could per­form a few moves that made me feel like a Cirque du Soleil star. These classes are the ul­ti­mate full-body work­out. Ev­ery mus­cle is used — if only be­cause you’re so des­per­ate not to fall off the hoop that it kicks them all into over­drive. The re­sult? You learn some show-stop­ping tricks, push your­self way be­yond any­thing you felt ca­pa­ble of when you ar­rived, and tone up very quickly. OUT­DOOR FIT­NESS WITH ONE TRIBE face­book.com/onetribenz | @onetribe_nz Tar­gets: your whole body, pro­mot­ing strength and co­or­di­na­tion. This is pretty much as far from a gym work­out as you can get. You wanna feel like Tarzan? One Tribe will get you out there run­ning through forests, climb­ing trees, do­ing hand­stands against walls, play­ing bal­anc­ing games on branches, climb­ing play­grounds… It’s like Amer­i­can Ninja War­rior meets The Jun­gle Book. Owner Philipp Spahn is all about get­ting peo­ple to move as nat­u­rally and freely as pos­si­ble, just like back in the cave­woman days. Hence, he holds classes out­doors and uses very lit­tle equip­ment. If you’re up for some­thing a lit­tle less or­di­nary, this could be your key to those #body­goals. BE­GIN­NERS STUNT SKILL WORK­SHOP WITH NEW ZEALAND STUNT SCHOOL newzealand­stuntschool.com Tar­gets: your whole body and over­all car­dio fit­ness. If you’re never go­ing to be a per­fectly put to­gether Lu­l­ule­mon-clad yogi babe, Stunt School has your name writ­ten all over it. Not ac­tu­ally a work­out as such, it’s de­signed to teach you how to do stunts, but the beauty of it is that learn­ing stunts is one hel­luva work­out. You’ll run, jump, fall, tum­ble, punch, tram­po­line, flip, sword fight, ride horses and som­er­sault in a har­ness, ba­si­cally be­com­ing In­di­ana Jones. A two-day in­tro­duc­tion course pre­cedes weekly train­ing ses­sions, but be warned: your mus­cles will ache like a mofo after this, so get those Ep­som salts ready. SILKS AT RE­ACT STU­DIO re­act­stu­dio.co.nz | @re­act­stu­dio Tar­gets: your whole body, es­pe­cially your arms and core. Silks may well be the tough big sis­ter of all cir­cus skills. They’re cer­tainly a hard one to grasp (#pun), but the good news is that they make you into a su­per-strong spi­der mon­key with­out lift­ing a sin­gle dumb­bell. An av­er­age class in­volves a warm-up be­fore you get onto the silks to prac­tice climb­ing, hang­ing up­side down, pull-ups and other tech­niques. It’ll be scary in a good way when you start, and you’ll prob­a­bly feel like you can’t even lift your­self, es­pe­cially if, like me, you have the up­per-body strength of a drunk Tyran­nosaurus rex. But after a few classes, your con­fi­dence will grow, and you’ll soon be so fo­cused on feel­ing like you’re fly­ing that you'll barely no­tice how strong you’re be­com­ing.

# These work­outs not out there enough for you? Check out Missfq.co.nz/nudeyoga for yoga with an ex­tra twist.


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