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We get it, calling d-bag be­hav­iours silly names can be a use­ful face-sav­ing mech­a­nism. Be­ing some­one’s ‘cush­ion’ cer­tainly sounds bet­ter than be­ing used. But there are times when this cutesy ter­mi­nol­ogy does ev­ery­one a dis­ser­vice, in­val­i­dat­ing acts that are at best emo­tion­ally abu­sive, and at worst, crim­i­nal.

Top of our list of terms that need to GTFO? Stealth­ing. Largely per­pet­u­ated by braggy frat boys on Red­dit, it de­scribes the prac­tice of a guy covertly re­mov­ing a con­dom dur­ing con­sen­sual sex. ‘Stealth­ing’ makes it sound triv­ial, but there’s noth­ing triv­ial about un­wanted preg­nancy, STIS, or the on­go­ing psy­cho­log­i­cal trauma ex­pe­ri­enced by sur­vivors of sex­ual as­sault. And make no mis­take — non­con­sen­sual con­dom re­moval is sex­ual as­sault, and in New Zealand could carry a jail sen­tence. If it happens to you, do not brush it off in the group chat with an egg­plant/cry­ing-emoji combo. Call the Po­lice (111) or the Rape Cri­sis helpline — 0800 88 33 00.


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