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There was once a time when a car came in with a mis­fire, the me­chanic could lis­ten to the en­gine and di­ag­nose the likely cause, re­place the spark plugs, and send the cus­tomer on their way. But those days are well and truly gone.

Now if the car has a mis­fire the first thing you do is grab a scan tool. If the tech­ni­cian doesn’t have a scan tool or the tool won’t talk to that car, he is sim­ply guess­ing the cause, or must send the cus­tomer away.

With the very strict emis­sion stan­dards in place now in many coun­tries, man­u­fac­tures now sup­ply cal­i­bra­tion flash pro­grammes to deal­ers to fix en­gine per­for­mance or emis­sion is­sues with new ve­hi­cles. Gen­eral Mo­tors es­ti­mates it has re­leased flash up­dates for as many as 70 per­cent of 1995 and newer GM ve­hi­cles.

To­day, al­most all ve­hi­cles have ECUs with re­pro­gram­ming ca­pa­bil­i­ties, in­clud­ing a grow­ing num­ber of other on-board con­trol mod­ules (ABS, airbags, cli­mate con­trol, body con­troller, etc.), so changes and up­grades can be made if needed.

What scan tool to buy?

There are a num­ber of very good scan tools on the mar­ket, but no tool will cover 100 per­cent of ve­hi­cles. Some brands’ claims can be mis­lead­ing and state their prod­uct or soft­ware pack­age cov­ers a long list of makes and mod­els, but it may be only generic OBD II in­for­ma­tion.

Oth­ers may pro­vide all the OBD II codes but no ad­di­tional codes for ABS, air bags or other sys­tems be­yond the en­gine and pow­er­train. So we rec­om­mend you do your re­search, get on­line and check out YouTube for live demos of the tool you are con­sid­er­ing.

Why choose Au­tel?

Au­tel has al­ways been com­mit­ted to cre­at­ing max­i­mum long-term value for cus­tomers by pro­vid­ing qual­ity-as­sured, easy-to-use, cost­ef­fec­tive and in­no­va­tive prod­ucts and so­lu­tions.

To de­liver this value Au­tel makes ev­ery ef­fort to un­der­stand en­dusers’ needs and trans­late those needs into su­pe­rior prod­ucts, by max­imis­ing re­search, devel­op­ment and man­u­fac­tur­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties. The R&D team is made up of ex­perts and en­gi­neers with years of ex­pe­ri­ence in this in­dus­try. Au­tel con­tin­ues to in­vest a min­i­mum of 20 per­cent of an­nual rev­enue into new devel­op­ment of soft­ware.

The Max­iSYS Mini is a rev­o­lu­tion­ary, ul­tra-mo­bile so­lu­tion for au­to­mo­tive di­ag­nos­tics. The Max­iSYS Mini comes with a pow­er­ful A9 quad-core pro­ces­sor and com­pre­hen­sive OE-level ve­hi­cle cov­er­age. The multi-task­ing An­droid pper­at­ing sys­tem is ca­pa­ble of cod­ing, adap­ta­tions, ac­tu­a­tions and much more. Weigh­ing in at only 700g with a clear 7.9-inch screen, the Max­iSYS Mini can di­ag­nose com­plex ve­hi­cle symp­toms and an­a­lyse fault codes quickly, eas­ily and ef­fi­ciently.

It is sup­plied stan­dard with a wire­less Ve­hi­cle Com­mu­ni­ca­tion In­ter­face (VCI), and soft­ware for Amer­i­can, Asian, Aus­tralian and Euro­pean ve­hi­cles, and week no de­posit.


Built upon the foun­da­tion of the hugely pop­u­lar Max­iDAS DS708, the Max­iSYS has been built to of­fer all of the same qual­i­ties in­clud­ing ex­treme ease of use and pow­er­ful di­ag­nos­tic per­for­mance plus much more. A ma­jor up­grade has been the ad­di­tion of an ul­tra-pow­er­ful A9 quad-core pro­ces­sor that of­fers a 50 per­cent in­crease in speed ver­sus com­pet­ing prod­ucts, and clear 9.7inch LED high res­o­lu­tion ca­pac­i­tive touch screen.

Max­iSYS has the in­dus­try’s first An­droid Op­er­at­ing Sys­tem, and the com­pre­hen­sive OE-level ve­hi­cle cov­er­age that Au­tel has be­come known for. The Max­iSYS is a per­fect di­ag­nos­tic so­lu­tion for shops and tech­ni­cians who de­mand smart tech­nol­ogy and re­pairs. The Max­iSYS comes with a VCI stan­dard GST, with one year of free up­dates,

Max­iSYS PRs

The Max­iSYS Pro has been de­signed to be the go-to tool for the pro­fes­sional tech­ni­cian who wants to have the ad­di­tional ca­pa­bil­i­ties of J-2534 re­pro­gram­ming. The Max­iSYS Pro utilises a 32GB solid state hard drive, the An­droid Op­er­at­ing Sys­tem and com­pre­hen­sive OE-level ve­hi­cle cov­er­age.

The Max­iSYS Pro in­cludes the J-2534 re­pro­gram­ming box and spe­cial Max­iSYS Pro soft­ware needed for shops and tech­ni­cians who de­mand a com­pre­hen­sive di­ag­nos­tic sys­tem ca­pa­ble of com­plet­ing even the most com­pli­cated and de­mand­ing tasks. week no de­posit.

Max­iDAS DS-708

The Max­iDAS is one of New Zealand’s big­gest sell­ing scan tools. It is a state-of-art ve­hi­cle di­ag­nos­tic sys­tem that de­liv­ers ac­cu­rate and com­pre­hen­sive re­sults with ex­tremely user friendly op­er­a­tion.

The DS-708 is the proven per­former, and is cur­rently in use in more than 300 NZ work­shops. The plus GST, and in­cludes two years’ free soft­ware up­dates. Lease to own book­ing fees.


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