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The first level is the HD Sports Tuff, the HD suf­fix in­di­cat­ing that they are suit­able for heavy duty ap­pli­ca­tions.

“The HD range is the en­try level to the per­for­mance clutch kit mar­ket,” said Mark. “They of­fer great value for money and are suit­able for ev­ery­day driv­ing, off-road­ing, tow­ing as well as street and per­for­mance ap­pli­ca­tions.”

Ev­ery Exedy HD Sports Tuff kit in­cludes a high clamp­ing force Exedy Sports Tuff clutch cover, a clutch disk lined with or­ganic fric­tion ma­te­rial and a clutch thrust re­lease bear­ing.

“We chose or­ganic fric­tion ma­te­rial specif­i­cally for the HD range as it de­liv­ers a smoother clutch en­gage­ment which makes it more com­fort­able for daily drives,” added Mark.

The sec­ond tier in Exedy’s Sports Tuff range is the Heavy Duty Cush­ion But­ton se­lec­tion.

“Now things start to get bit more se­ri­ous. We move to a ce­r­am­etal­lic fric­tion ma­te­rial clutch disk that fur­ther in­creases torque ca­pac­ity, then to en­sure that the ac­tion isn’t too ag­gres­sive we in­cor­po­rated cush­ion­ing seg­ments be­tween the fac­ings, sim­i­lar to a stan­dard OEM type disk.

“This of­fers im­proved drive­abil­ity when com­pared to con­ven­tional ce­ramic but­ton type disks and means that they are still suit­able for both street and per­for­mance ap­pli­ca­tions.”

Last but not least, is the Heavy Duty But­ton range, which rep­re­sent the pin­na­cle of Exedy’s Sports Tuff per­for­mance range.

Sim­i­lar to the HDCB range, these also fea­ture a ce­r­am­etal­lic fric­tion ma­te­rial clutch disc, the dif­fer­ence is in the ap­pli­ca­tion of the but­tons.

“To de­liver max­i­mum per­for­mance we rivet the ce­r­am­etal­lic fric­tion ma­te­rial di­rectly to a ro­bust cou­pling plate,” Mark said.

“Need­less to say we rec­om­mend the HDB range any­where torque out­put is sig­nif­i­cantly in­creased, if you’ve got a se­ri­ously tough street car they’re def­i­nitely worth a look.”

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