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Volvo Trucks’ new func­tion, Tan­dem Axle Lift, makes it pos­si­ble to dis­en­gage and raise the sec­ond driven axle. This gives bet­ter road grip and up to four per­cent lower fuel con­sump­tion when the truck is driven with­out a load.

The new func­tion is de­signed for heavy duty trans­ports with loads be­ing car­ried one way and empty re­turn trips, for in­stance when haul­ing tim­ber or in con­struc­tion and bulk cargo oper­a­tions.

“With Tan­dem Axle Lift the sec­ond driven axle can be dis­en­gaged and its wheels raised off the road when the truck is driven empty.

“This of­fers many ad­van­tages, of which the fore­most is fuel sav­ings. Driv­ing with the sec­ond driven axle raised saves up to four per­cent in fuel com­pared with hav­ing all the axles low­ered,” says Jonas Oder­malm, seg­ment man­ager con­struc­tion at Volvo Trucks.

By re­plac­ing the dif­fer­en­tial in the first driven axle with a dog clutch, the sec­ond driven axle can be dis­en­gaged and raised.

The driver thus has ac­cess to both the power and ca­pac­ity of two driven axles (6X4) and also the bet­ter ma­noeu­vra­bil­ity of a sin­gle driven axle (4X2). What is more, driv­ing with the sec­ond driven axle raised also cuts the turn­ing cir­cle by a me­tre and im­poses less wear on tyres and sus­pen­sion sys­tems.

“Tan­dem Axle Lift is per­fect for trans­ports where ground con­di­tions or gross ve­hi­cle weights de­mand a tan­dem-drive truck, but where the ve­hi­cle re­turns empty or lightly loaded in the op­po­site di­rec­tion.

“On slip­pery or soft sur­faces, the driver can in­crease pres­sure on the first axle by rais­ing the sec­ond driven axle, which re­sults in bet­ter grip and re­duces the risk of get­ting stuck,” ex­plains Jonas Oder­malm.

Tan­dem Axle Lift also of­fers the driver bet­ter com­fort when the truck is driven empty, which in many cases cor­re­sponds to 50 per­cent of the op­er­at­ing time. The in-cab noise level is lower and steer­ing wheel vi­bra­tion is re­duced when only the tyres of one drive axle are in con­tact with the road.

Tan­dem Axle Lift is avail­able for the Volvo FM, Volvo FMX, Volvo FH and Volvo FH16.

With Tan­dem Axle Lift the sec­ond driven axle can be dis­en­gaged and raised while driv­ing.

The tyres can be lifted 140 mm off the road sur­face.

When Tan­dem Axle Lift is ac­ti­vated, the truck con­sumes up to four per­cent less fuel. Tyre wear is lower and the turn­ing cir­cle is one me­tre shorter.

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