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If you do a lot of baking each week: keep at room temperatur­e, feed every 12 hours (each time, discard all but 113g, add 113g flour and 113g water, mix until smooth). If you’re baking the next day, either don’t discard the excess, or add 226g of flour and 226g of water so you get enough starter to work with and some to save.

If you bake once a week or so: store in the fridge. To feed it, tip off or stir in any liquid on top, feed as above and leave at room temperatur­e for at least two hours, then put back in the fridge. A couple of days before you want to bake, feed the starter but let it rest at room temperatur­e for 12 hours until bubbly, then repeat feedings every 12 hours until you see the starter double or triple in volume in 6-8 hours. For the final feeding before baking, make sure you add enough flour and water to the starter so you have the right amount for your recipe, plus 113g left over to feed so you can maintain the starter for the next time you bake. Once the starter is bubbling and vigorous, remove what you need for the recipe and set it aside. Leave the starter you want to keep at room temperatur­e for about 2 hours, then put it back in the fridge.

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