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One of Australia’s biggest caravan success stories is Titan Caravans, which recently took out the top spot for Caravan of the Year 2022. Available from Nationwide RV in New Zealand, the family-owned business is making waves on both sides of the ditch. Malcolm Street investigat­es.

Queensland-based Titan Caravans has a big reputation to uphold. Only in business since 2014, the company’s two entrants in the hotlyconte­sted Caravan World Caravan Of The Year 2022 both came home with trophies: the Titan 490 Bunk taking Most Innovative Award, and the Titan 480 Hybrid rocking home with both the Most X Factor Award and the top overall prize, the overall winner of the show.

Under the ownership of James Creswick and assisted by his father John, Titan began in 2014 with just six employees, producing 50 RVS per year. The company now has over 40 employees, and the production rate has expanded to over 400 RVS annually with more growth anticipate­d. Not yet 30, James has already built a name for himself as one of Australia’s youngest caravan manufactur­ers.

Based in a purpose-built factory at Burpengary, a suburb north of Brisbane in Queensland, Titan has steadily built up its range of caravans. It’s a very full lineup too, with everything from campers to compact/hybrids to full caravans. At Titan, there’s something for everyone – and that includes families.


Undoubtedl­y, the Ranger Campers will attract those who really like the camping lifestyle but like to travel with the convenienc­e of a few home comforts. The wind-up camper with its extendable ends is fully equipped ready to go; not only is it designed to feel at home on sealed roads, but it’s also happy when taken on rough road, get-away-from-it-all travel as well.

For those who don’t like flapping walls and prefer the convenienc­e of something that can be set up in less than five minutes, then the Blackhawk Tourer caravans will hold plenty of appeal. Available for both couples and families, the Blackhawk Tourers offer all the comforts that you’ll need, and can include an electrical battery/ solar panel setup that’s designed for extended off-grid travel.

How about if you really don’t want a large caravan but don’t want flapping walls either? A great mid-range solution are the Blackhawk Compact/hybrid units. Shorter than a caravan but still with all the essential and more features, the Compact/hybrid range is well worthy of the reaction from the judges at Australia’s Caravan World Caravan of the Year event this year when they awarded the Blackhawk Hybrid 480 the overall winner trophy. For families though, the Blackhawk 490 Bunk van is something

very special. Cleverly designed to fit a main bed and two bunk beds into a van length of just 4900mm, it’s brilliant.


Like a number of other manufactur­ers, the chassis and bodies for Titan caravans and campers are built in China and then shipped to Australia for fitting out with all the electrical, gas and plumbing items that have compliance requiremen­ts. To keep things safe, the 240V and 12V cabling is run in separate ducting. The 12V fit out is done in China but the 240V wiring is done in Australia, along with the necessary Australian/new Zealand fittings.

On the topic of compliance, anticipate­d Australian government legislatio­n will tighten up regulatory requiremen­ts and Titan has completed both the necessary Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA)

and Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliance requiremen­ts. Where possible, Titan Caravans uses premium brands for all the necessary components like windows, awnings, batteries, hobs and fridges.


All Titan built caravans have a number of things in common. All are built on a hot dipped galvanised chassis with 150mm x 50mm main rails. Independen­t suspension is standard, as is a 3500kg ball coupling and 12in electric drum brakes. Heat laminated 35mm fibreglass insulated wall panel (with marine grade gel coat and XPS foam core) and 50mm composite floor panel are used for the body constructi­on. That might all sound a bit technical, but many Australian caravan manufactur­ers still do not use a frameless composite body structure, which, apart from anything else, improves the weight factor.


Warranties are often the subject of confusion and occasional­ly disagreeme­nt. However, Titan has tried to make it as easy as possible to understand. The caravan build, fit out and internal constructi­on is covered for three years. The caravan chassis and suspension components, excluding consumable­s like tyres and brake pads, are covered for five years. Lastly, the Titan heat laminated wall, floor and roof constructi­on, which includes water leaks, dust ingress and delaminati­on has a cover for ten years. Individual components such as the refrigerat­ors and air components are subject to the respective warranties of the various manufactur­ers.


Although the Australia orientated Titan range of RV’S is obviously designed with Aussie outback travel in mind, it’s not hard to see why Kiwis are keen to get their hands on one, particular­ly the campers and compact/hybrid units that are designed to be towed with mid-range tow vehicles like dual cab utes. Nationwide RV, the family business that’s been in the caravan industry since 1837, was the obvious choice for Titan; with a commitment to providing stress-free travel for its customers, Nationwide provides New Zealand buyers with all the comforts of home, in caravans designed to delight.

With the Titan caravans, there are plenty of opportunit­ies for off the grid camping and if a high-capacity lithium battery/solar panel package is opted for then back country travel can be well enjoyed.

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 ?? ?? The Blackhawk Hybrid 480 took out a top award this year
The Blackhawk Hybrid 480 took out a top award this year
 ?? ?? Ranger Campers, for those who like to rough it in style
Ranger Campers, for those who like to rough it in style

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