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150g al­mond meal 150g ic­ing su­gar 55g egg white 135g su­gar 40g wa­ter 55g egg white and a pinch of salt Nat­u­ral yel­low food colour­ing

Sovrano Limoncello Fill­ing:

175g ri­cotta 75g mas­car­pone 30g ic­ing su­gar 100ml cream 40ml Sovrano Limoncello

How to:

Pre­heat the oven to 150°C. Line 2–3 large bak­ing sheets with bak­ing paper. Set aside.

Place the al­mond meal and ic­ing su­gar into the bowl of a food pro­ces­sor and pulse un­til the mix­ture is very fine and silky in tex­ture. You can test it be­tween two fin­gers. I do this be­fore sift­ing the mix­ture, but if you pre­fer, just sift the al­mond meal and ic­ing su­gar to­gether. Once done, place in a large mix­ing bowl.

Add the 55g of egg white and mix well with a spat­ula un­til you ob­tain a smooth paste. Set aside. Place the re­main­ing 55g of egg white and salt into the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer and start whisk­ing at low-medium speed.

Place the wa­ter into a saucepan and add the su­gar. Dis­solve the su­gar in the wa­ter, over a low heat. Bring to the boil and cook un­til the su­gar reaches 115°C. By this stage the egg whites should have reached a soft peak stage.

Con­tinue whisk­ing at medium speed as you pour the syrup into the egg whites in a thin, steady stream. Keep whisk­ing un­til the bowl cools to just warm.

Whisk the meringue for about 10 min­utes or so and turn up the speed for a minute or two at the end. To­wards the end of whisk­ing, add a lit­tle of the yel­low food nat­u­ral colour­ing un­til you get the de­sired shade.

The meringue needs to be stiff. When you lift the whisk, there should be a solid stiff clump on the whisk. It should be able to look you in the eye with­out flinch­ing. The coloured meringue should not be streaked with white.

Scrape a small amount of the meringue into the bowl with the al­mond mix­ture and work it into the mix­ture to lighten it, us­ing a spat­ula or pastry scraper. Scrape the re­main­ing meringue into the bowl and fold it into the al­mond mix­ture, flip­ping it over on to it­self, and turn­ing the bowl with each fold. Make sure to scrape down the bowl to en­sure the mix­ture is ho­mo­ge­neous, and there are no streaks of meringue or al­monds. Con­tinue fold­ing un­til the mac­aron­age is at the stage where a lit­tle mix­ture, lifted, will fall back into it­self slowly (i.e. the magma/lava stage ev­ery­one goes on about).

Fit a large pip­ing bag with a plain tip and pipe small mounds onto the bak­ing sheets. Rap the bak­ing sheets hard onto the bench to ex­pel any air bub­bles. Rap it again, harder, if you’re not sure. Harder.

You can pop them straight into the oven or leave un­til the mix­ture forms a light crust for about 30 – 60 min­utes. It’s up to you. Won’t mat­ter ei­ther way.

Bake for about 15 – 16 min­utes. Depend­ing on your oven, they may need an­other minute or so. Re­move the mac­aron shells from the oven and set aside to cool. Re­move from the bak­ing sheets and pair up shells of the same size.

The fill­ing

Place the ri­cotta, mas­car­pone, and ic­ing su­gar into a bowl and beat un­til smooth and creamy. Add the cream and Sovrano Limoncello and whisk un­til thick­ened and light.

Fit a pip­ing bag with a plain tip and fill with the Sovrano Limoncello fill­ing. Pipe onto the mac­aron halves and sand­wich the pairs to­gether.


Re­frig­er­ate a few hours at least to al­low the mac­arons to ma­ture and flavours de­velop. Gar­nish with a lit­tle saf­fron as you like be­fore serv­ing

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